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Studio on location

You want to highlight your company by letting different colleagues, experts or customers speak. Do you want to do this in the protected environment of your office space or at a location of your choice? You want to be accompanied from start to finish in a professional context, within a flexible timeframe and at a reasonable budget? This is where GO Productions is your partner in crime. With our studio on location formula, we build a complete multicam setting on location in no time. We provide not only the complete technical camera, light and sound setup, but also the content supervision. You want everyone looking on point? No problem, we also provide a hair & makeup artist.

Green key

The possibilities in our GO Productions Studio are virtually unlimited. We have a green key, for example, where we can fully personalise your video or even create a virtual 3D world. The studio has professional sound, video and lighting equipment that meets all of today's production requirements.

Inhouse video

By livestreaming events,  you increase your reach. In our studio, near Brussels, we have all the necessary equipment and an excellent internet connection to provide your live stream. Our studio is also ideal for recording commercials.

Photo studio

We regularly rent out the GO Productions Studio as a professional photo studio. Don't have a photographer in mind yet? We can help you with that too!

Livestreams, webinars and online events are a part of our lives today.
Avoid technical problems and choose a professional space, equipped with all technical equipment.

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