About us

The driving force behind GO Productions is Gert Oste. He graduated from RITCS in 1999. After a short career as a production assistant at Studio's Amusement, he joined Colruyt Group, where he was responsible for the realisation of all corporate and product videos. In 2007, he decided to start his own business. GO Productions has since grown into a flexible video production agency for both television channels and companies.

At GO Productions, we resolutely aim for attractive, dynamic videos with rock-solid content. We regularly call on the experience of freelance professionals, such as journalists, content creators, developers, cameramen, photographers and digital creatives. Together we have one goal: to strengthen your company, product or brand. We guide you from start to finish to deliver an end result we can both be proud of.

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GO Productions is looking for driven, creative freelancers with some experience.

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Reach your customers with expressive, radiant content.
This is where we come in: audiovisual marketing is our passion!