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Event & Aftermovie

With an event or aftermovie from GO Productions, you create a lasting memory for your clients and visitors. It's also the way to put your partners in the spotlight. An aftermovie often takes on a life of its own, increasing your online visibility and giving your organisation a boost.

Client Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a powerful tool to showcase the added value of your product or service. An event is the ideal opportunity to have customers sing your praises. This tends to produce spontaneous reactions that convey credibility and trust to other, potential customers. Why not organise this during one of your events, conferences or annual meetings? After all, all your customers are together at that moment. No matter how convincing a text may be, how well edited your photos or how glamorous your videos may be, testimonials and reviews from your customers remain the strongest signboard.

Livestream & multicam

Livestream is not only used for big TV productions today. In fact, thanks to today's technology, it is possible to stream any event. This way, people who are not physically present, can still follow online. And thanks to our multicam set-up, we also deliver a dynamic montage that provides even more of an experience.

Don't let your event go unnoticed. Create lasting memories with and for your audience.

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